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John Van Horn, M.Eng, Ph.D.

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225 NRB
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Assistant Professor, Neurology
Member, Access Neuroscience Home Area

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Human Neuroimaging

Dr. Van Horn examines the neurophysiology of human cognition using in vivo neuroimaging techniques, e.g. functional MRI, diffusion tensor imaging, and its relations to other biological systems. Areas of interest in neuroimaging include - visuo-spatial task performance, motor learning, working memory, and continuous task performance. Recent work involves the use of pharmacological manipulations as probes of cognitive and physiological networks during fMRI. He also studies mathematical applications and engineering solutions for neuroimaging. He is also known for his contributions to neuroinformatics: mathematical modeling, experimental design, statistical, quantitative methods, data visualization, and the sociological and technical issues of neuroscientific data sharing, as well as neuroimaging data base and data mining. Present projects include the application of communications and information theory to analysis of functional connectivity.


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