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Hui Sun, Ph.D.

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CHS 53-140


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CHS 53-140A


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Associate Professor, Physiology
Member, ACCESS Program: Dept. of Molecular, Cell & Integrative Physiology, Access Biochemistry, Biophysics, Structural Biology Home Area, Access Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Physiology Home Area, Brain Research Institute
Faculty, Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Physiology IDP

Research Interest:

Physiological and pathological mechanisms in vision

Mechanism of vitamin A transport: Vitamin A has diverse biological functions. Vitamin A derivatives (retinoids) serve as the chromophore for photoreceptor proteins in vision and exert profound effects on cell growth and differentiation in embryonic development and adult organ systems by interacting with their nuclear hormone receptors. Vitamin A is transported in the blood by a carrier protein called retinol binding protein (RBP). Using a new biochemical strategy followed by mass spectrometry, we identified the long-sought membrane receptor for RBP. The RBP receptor is a multitransmembrane domain protein of previously unknown function. We found that the RBP receptor binds to RBP with high affinity and has robust vitamin A uptake activity. Consistent with the diverse functions of vitamin A, the RBP receptor is expressed in diverse organ systems, such as the nervous system, the reproductive systems, the immune system, the respiratory system, and the skin, all of which are known to depend on vitamin A for proper function. We are using several strategies to study this new membrane transport system.


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