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Allan Wu, M.D.

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UCLA Neuro
BOX 951769, A-135 RNRC
Los Angeles, CA 90095

710 Westwood Plaza


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(310) 794-1195

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Department / Division Affiliations
Assistant Professor, Neurology
Member, Brain Research Institute, CTSI

Research Interest:

Investigation of the brain-behavior relationships that are responsible for the clinical expression of symptoms and signs

Dr. Wu?s primary research interest is the investigation of the brain-behavior relationships that are responsible for the clinical expression of symptoms and signs in patients affected by neurologic disorders, in particular, those patients affected by movement disorders such as Parkinson?s disease (PD). We are particularly interested in functional changes that occur in the cerebral cortex in response to subcortical dysfunction that can be probed with noninvasive techniques such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Current projects include a study of repetitive TMS effects on mood and motor function in atypical parkinsonism; a study of the role of the motor cortex in planning discrete and continuous movements in Parkinson?s disease; studies using both fMRI and TMS to map circuits related to motor learning in stroke and Parkinson?s disease patients.


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