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William Grisham

Work Email Address:

Mailing Address:
Box 951563
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Office Address:
8425D FH


Work Phone Number:
(310) 825?7990

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Department / Division Affiliations
Academic Coordinator, Behavioral Neuroscience
Member, Brain Research Institute
Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Research Interest:

Sex differences in the brain

Dr. Grisham has a long-standing interest in sex differences in the brain. Most of his research has employed the birdsong system as a model. Specifically, his research has focused on the differentiation of the birdsong system by manipulating hormones in early life and noting their consequences on subsequent brain development. Recently, his research has shifted to exploring morphological and gene expression sex differences in rodent brains using special genotypes that unconfound sex chromosome complement from gonadal sex. These special genotypes allow the comparison of XY mice with a testis versus XY mice that develop an ovary as well as the comparison of XX mice that develop a testis versus those developing an ovary. Thus, the effects of having an XY genotype or XX genotype can be examined independent of the gonadal sex. Dr. Grisham is also intensely interested in neuroscience education and does pedagogical research in neuroscience education related to his NSF grant for publishing digital teaching tools in neuroscience (see